texel's Journal

the mid-doctor
14 April 1980
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...an imaginary point between what i've been and what i'm still to become...
3d modeling, a perfect circle, access virus, adam f, aepi, ak1200, alesis, altered states, answers, aphex twin, apple, aquasky, arguing, art of noise, bach, bagels, beauty, beethoven, blonde redhead, blue sonix, breakbeat, breakbeat science, breaks, bsd, bt, bunnies, centaur, chilling, cinnamon toast crunch, communication, composing, dancing, decoder, deep trance, deftones, dieselboy, drawing, dreaming, drum and bass, drums, elixir strings, emu, endorphins, expression, failure, faithless, fluke, french, fugazi, graphic design, grooverider, guitar, hallucinogens, happiness, high contrast, homsar, honesty, hooverphonic, house, hum, impreza, introspection, israel, j majik, jokes, kisses, klute, lamb, leftfield, les savy fav, love, ltj bukem, lucid dreaming, mac os x, macs, massive attack, matrix, mercury rev, meta, mixing, modest mouse, motu, mozart, my car, mysql, naked music, nerdiness, objective-c, omni trio, orbital, photek, photography, photoshop, php, piano, pieter k, pinback, pizza, plaid, portishead, procrastination, producing, programming, propellerheads, q and not u, questions, radiohead, rage against the machine, reaction snowboards, reason, roni size, sarcasm, scripting, seattle, sequencing, sex, skiploader, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smiling, snowboarding, soul coughing, space rock, starla, stockhausen, subaru, sunny day real estate, talking shit, thai food, the crystal method, the dismemberment plan, the orb, the simpsons, the strokes, thievery corporation, thinking, tool, trail of dead, tricky, trip-hop, trust, turbochargers, typography, ugly casanova, underworld, weezer, wilco, writing, wrx