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so wow, yeah. i have this way of only posting here when i'm depressed or otherwise upset in some way. this entry is an exception. i've been doing fantastically. moved into a new place in seattle, kicking ass with music, loving my job... everything's going pretty swimmingly if i do say so myself.

it's remarkable that the one piece of advice people give you when you're fresh out of a relationship, that you should focus on yourself, is the hardest to take, while at the same time the most beneficial. once you start doing what right by you, everything else just kind of falls into place.
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so, i haven't been doing too well over the last month or so. i've been enduring a breakup which has ended up repeatedly hurting me way more than i really anticipated, and any contact i have with most of the people i talk to on a regular basis just adds to that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

but i don't want to talk about that, because it is what it is. i want to get over it. and that being the case, what i need is positive interaction with people who have nothing do with any of this, good friends who have known me for quite a while.

so hi, everybody. sorry i went away for a few years and neglected your existence. how are you? let's hang out.
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we played a show in this seedy dive bar last night... it was all vinyl because daniel has taken his cdjs to atlanta. let's just say i'm ... not that good at mixing vinyl at the moment. perhaps ever. i haven't really had to do it in so long, it just doesn't come naturally. if any recordings of last night's set existed, i would seek them out and have them destroyed.

on the other hand, every mix lauren did was locked and on point. and that was *after* 4 beers.
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so, an update.

hmm. it's been quite awhile, hasn't it? well fortunately my life post-college has been conducive to painting the broad strokes while leaving out all the minor triumphs and annoyances normally relegated to weekly posts at 3am. or maybe i just described everyone's life, ever. at any rate...

so i've been in philadelphia for almost three years at this point. i've been working for apple as a mac genius for the last two and a half years. i've been focusing very heavily on audio production, with drum n' bass being my preferred genre. i moved to south philly in the summer of 2004, along with two good friends, and (slightly prior to the move) formed the production collective "quadrant."

so far, we have three releases on renegade hardware and four more tracks slated to come out on hardware, sudden def, and engine.

that's the scoop ... but for people who don't care about dnb? (this group includes almost everyone in the known universe, btw). well, i've been with my girlfriend, lauren, for over a year, and i just proposed to her! so now she's my fiancé! i'm changing that in my phone as soon as i can figure out how to type the "é" character. she's a lovely girl hailing from atco, nj, and we've been living together since may of last year. she's also part of quadrant now- she's been djing and producing since she was 15, so it's a natural fit.

the other member, cyanide, has just moved to atlanta (ie. left this morning) where he's landed a job as an engineer in a hip-hop studio. this is even funnier if you've ever seen him, but he's certainly got his ear to the streets, and will be faring quite well in his new home.

and as for myself and lauren- we're moving back to seattle at the beginning of july. i'll be working for apple out there, while silently gunning for a position in cupertino, ca. i'm sure there's plenty of stuff i left out (as in, um, all the actual details of my life for the last three years) so feel free to ask and i'll do my best to oblige your curiosity! and who knows, maybe i'll start updating the ol' LJ more often...

but i can't promise anything.
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no jive in '05

damn, i come back and my journal looks like a kernel panic... or and sgml kernel panic... or um... i should just quit while i'm behind here.

anyway, i was reading and there was an article about the recent acquisition of livejournal... so i popped on over to get the details, and here i am, *actually updating my journal*. stranger things have happened, but i'm certain they weren't archived on electronic databases. anyway, i'm living in a row house in south philly, on the "wrong side" of broad street with my two good friends mike and daniel. together, we comprise three quarters of the production powerhouse quadrant, and we have a dope studio on the third floor. we just won the award for "best up and coming drum n' bass producers in philadelphia", as voted by the people (read: all the people we bugged online to vote for us) and this year we plan to actually live up to the honor. right now we're working on a track with kaos, so we'll see how that all pans out.

i'm still working for apple, still liking my job quite a bit, still being asked almost daily if i'm "really a genius". (answer: wtf do you think? does that sign up there say "fairly knowledgeable guy bar" or "idiot savant bar" or "taco bar"? no, it says genius bar. though if it said taco bar i'm pretty sure i'd still be giving out tech support, only i'd be dressed in a giant foam outfit which made me resemble a delicious, carb-sensible taco).

anyway, maybe i'll make more posts in here, who knows. i probably still won't check my friends list though, so don't feel slighted if i'm not commenting left and right.
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where the hell has leigh been?

well, he's gonna be in seattle from 4.20 until 4.25.

much hilarity and antics will ensue.
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it's really cold in my basement. of course, it's even colder outside, but still, even if i turn the heat up in my house, the basement remains at least 7º colder.

oh man, this is the most interesting journal ever.
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daily grind

work -> home -> music

it's been pretty consistent as of late, but i'm enjoying myself.

this journal is like a progress bar... the more often it's updated, the less is actually going on in my life. bad for you, but good for me.
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